Managing life events

Manage the end-to-end client lifecycle with Qkvin

Qkvin enables you to capture life events and manage risks effectively, provide a superior customer experience, and operate with confidence in the constantly evolving compliance landscape. Leverage Qkvin’s analytic capabilities to anticipate and address potential risks throughout the client lifecycle. Enable personalised communication, timely interventions, and proactive support, fostering trust and loyalty.

Manage the end-to-end client lifecycle with Qkvin

Key Pillars

Client Experience Excellence

Whether your client changes their name, address or company address, you can proactively tailor risk measures based on their changing circumstances, demonstrating a personalised and proactive approach that enables stronger client relationships and trust.

Proactive Risk Oversight

Qkvin's advanced algorithms provide real-time risk monitoring that empowers businesses to proactively address threats to ensure better compliance and safeguard against fraudulent activities.

Seamless Integrations

Qkvin's user-friendly interface and seamless integration simplify the incorporation of AI/ML-powered KYB, allowing businesses to adapt quickly without extensive training or system overhauls. Qkvin can integrate with internal and external systems to help provide real-time insights across the entire client lifecycle.

Feature Showcase

Qkvin's KYB process introduces a ground-breaking self-service onboarding and lifecycle management system that empowers businesses with streamlined automation. This innovative approach significantly reduces manual intervention to deliver a seamless and efficient client onboarding experience.

Self-Service Onboarding and Lifecycle Management

Qkvin leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms for dynamic risk assessment. The system adapts, learns and provides risk insights in real time. This cutting-edge technology enhances decision-making accuracy which allows businesses to confidently navigate compliance challenges and safeguard against potential risks.

AI/ML Powered Risk Assessment

Qkvin's KYB process incorporates automated screening solutions to ensure thorough examination of the entities involved. The system offers a comprehensive and fool-proof approach to due diligence from meticulous document verification to beneficiary identity screening that minimise the risk of fraudulent activities.

Automated Screening Solutions

Qkvin's customisable workflows adapt to unique needs in order to streamline case management and ensure a frictionless experience. It eliminates confusion through clear instructions, automated notifications, and intuitive interfaces. Qkvin integrates seamlessly with existing systems for a unified view of the client journey. It also delivers actionable insights from real-time data to continuously improve onboarding processes and exceed client expectations.

Guided Workflows

Once onboarded, Qkvin continuously monitors for changes from customers or integrated data sources and screening to identify any potential impact on the client's risk profile. Qkvin helps assess risk exposure in real time through real-time transaction monitoring, automated data refresh, tailored monitoring rules, and customisable alerts.

Ongoing Monitoring