Unified Ongoing Monitoring and Account Management

Qkvin's data-driven ongoing monitoring efficiently tackles the issue of identifying and managing risk. In addition, Qkvin provides an intuitive account management module that simplifies and strengthens compliance efforts by allowing you to make decisions based on the client's AML compliance status. The platform supports multiple types of locks and blocks and integrates seamlessly with your core systems for better accuracy and efficiency.

Automated Alerts and Insights: Receive immediate notifications and deep visibility into potential suspicious activity or changes in regulatory requirements.

Risk-Based Monitoring: Prioritise accounts based on individual risk profiles, focusing resources where they're needed most.

Seamless Integration: Connect directly with your core systems for real-time data access and updates.

Simplified Workflows: Manage locks, blocks, and other controls efficiently within Qkvin's user-friendly interface.

Unified Ongoing Monitoring and Account Management

Key Pillars

Proactive Risk Oversight

Qkvin leverages AI/ML to detect transaction anomalies. In addition to this advanced algorithms provide real-time risk monitoring, empowering businesses to proactively address threats, ensuring better compliance, and safeguarding against fraudulent activities.

Seamless Integrations

Qkvin's user-friendly interface and seamless integration simplify the incorporation of AI/ML-powered KYB and the management of Customer Accounts and their compliance status. Qkvin can integrate with internal and external systems to help provide real-time insights across the entire client lifecycle and ensure seamless flow of account locks and blocks.

Guided Workflows

Pre-defined configurable workflows that guide compliance teams through key steps, explaining processes, minimising confusion and securely sharing of relevant data between authorised parties. This eliminates information silos and promotes coordinated communication, enhancing efficiency and reducing misunderstandings in addition to equipping new members with the tools to thrive.

Feature Showcase

Qkvin seamlessly integrates with your core transaction system eliminating manual data entry as well as ensuring consistency and accurate information for AML checks. Compliance teams can review AML compliance status and take necessary actions from a single platform. Automate manual tasks and free up resources for other compliance needs.

Transactional System Integrations

Receive real-time notifications for potential suspicious activity and trigger pre-defined responses for immediate risk mitigation. Our risk-based approach highlights high-risk activities, allowing you to focus resources efficiently. Your analysts can review these alerts and trigger custom workflows and actions including locks and blocks on accounts.

Real-Time Alerts

Qkvin's customisable workflows adapt to your unique needs, streamlining case management and ensuring a frictionless experience for everyone. Manage locks, blocks, and other controls efficiently within Qkvin's user-friendly interface and eliminate confusion through clear instructions, automated notifications, and intuitive interfaces.

Guided Workflows

Qkvin's locks and blocks feature within account management serves as a critical line of defence against financial crime and regulatory breaches. It empowers organisations to take immediate action on accounts exhibiting suspicious activity or posing potential risks while ensuring smooth operations for legitimate customers. Based on identified risks, it enables the application of granular restrictions like full or partial freezes, transaction blocks, or specific activity limitations. You can also trigger automated locks or blocks upon detecting suspicious activity, preventing further harm before manual investigation. It empowers the management of all account restrictions from a single platform, improving operational efficiency and visibility.

Locks and blocks