Ongoing Screening (PEPs, Sanctions and Adverse Media)

Proactive Ongoing Screening

Qkvin integrates with existing systems and official sources of ongoing risk and compliance. By leveraging AI and machine learning to analyse vast data sources, Qkvin can provide clear and actionable alerts for further investigation and generates detailed reports for audit trails and compliance documentation.

Automate repetitive tasks for operational efficiency: Qkvin automates repetitive screening and alerting freeing up your teams for higher-value activities and risk assessments.

Comprehensive coverage and real-time updates: Monitor PEPs, sanctions, and adverse media across global databases.

Enhanced ongoing regulatory compliance: Demonstrate proactive adherence to regulatory requirements through insights and reports generated by Qkvin

Proactive Ongoing Screening

Key Pillars

Enhanced Ongoing Compliance

Qkvin's technology enables adherence to the most stringent KYC/AML regulations, promoting robust due diligence and safeguarding organisations against financial crime through continuous risk-based monitoring. Qkvin provides real-time alerts and automated reporting to keep you informed and ensure compliance with evolving regulations.

Proactive Risk Oversight

Qkvin's advanced algorithms provide real-time risk monitoring, empowering businesses to proactively address threats, ensuring better compliance, and safeguarding against fraudulent activities.

Future-Proof Dynamic Policies

Configurable policies and checks allow organisations to tailor processes and be compliant with evolving regulatory frameworks. Adapt the policies to your specific requirements and risk appetite, streamline workflows based on low and high risk scenarios. Qkvin policies can scale as your business grows and regulations evolve while maintaining auditability and transparency.

Feature Showcase

Qkvin policies provide a no-code solution to configure checks, thresholds and frequency. This allows your organisation to tailor regulatory processes specific requirements and risk appetite, streamline workflows based on low and high risk scenarios.

Configurable Policies

Qkvin comes with a predefined screening checks for standard and enhanced due-diligence which include identity & verification, address verification, bank account, PEPs, sanctions, and adverse media. This can also be easily extended to any custom screenings that organisations might require.

Enhanced Screening

Receive real-time notifications for potential suspicious activity and trigger pre-defined responses for immediate risk mitigation. Our risk-based approach highlights high-risk activities, allowing you to focus resources efficiently.

Real-Time Alerts

Qkvin's customisable workflows adapt to your unique needs, streamlining case management and ensuring a frictionless experience for everyone. Eliminate confusion through clear instructions, automated notifications, and intuitive interfaces. Integrate seamlessly with existing systems for a unified view of the client journey. Qkvin delivers actionable insights from real-time data to continuously improve onboarding processes and exceed client expectations.

Guided Workflows